Costa Rica Massage Jaco

Aromatherapy Massage Spa, Lymphatic drainage Spa

An aromatherapy massage and soothe the body feels tingly. This treatment begins with a dry brushing to stimulate circulation and exfoliation and ends with a one hour massage with essential oils of the highest quality. Please wait 90 minutes

A light massage that follows the large lymphatic detoxification. Spa treatment time is 60 minutes

Chief Spa, massage and toes, Spa Manicure

From a scalp massage, then massage the neck, face, shoulders, hands and feet. A great addition to any spa treatment. Spa Treatment time is 45 minutes

Herbal Scrub for hands and arms to be followed by a massage of the arm and hand with essential oils. Nail shaping and polish of your choice

Spa pedicure
An exfoliator for legs and feet, a vigorous foot massage with essential oils and a dip in a hot foot bath to soften calluses and brighten the spirits. Finishes include setup and nail polish