Visiting the Pacific rain forest in Costa Rica

region of Pacific rainforest It is the northernmost region of Pacific rainforest remaining in Costa Rica, and this is the beginning of the transition zone in the tropical dry forests of the northwest.

Carara is one of the most popular national parks of Costa Rica, largely due to its proximity to San Jose. This is also where many cruise lines are carried by a trip to a day when the cruise ships that stop just off the coast of Puerto Caldera, and a common destination for school trips. Read more Here

 Carara and Activities Costa Rica Carara is a favorite among birders for several reasons, in addition to its ease of access. First, its position in a transition zone means residents of both habitats is likely to occur.

Second, the Rio Grande de Tarcoles no fluid sections and its waters seep into seasonal wetlands and shallow oxbow lakes covered with hyacinths further increase the number of local habitats. Finally, because it is a little dry, and all the trees are evergreen, Carara is more open than the rainforests further south making wildlife easier One advantage of the relatively large number of people visiting Carara is if you stop, you probably have several guides available knowledgable fans.

Birdwatchers are much more friendly, and more often than the interests of the Nerds (provided they do not interfere with your location. Walks slowly and calmly spontaneously We stopped here and found that one of the best ways to see the wildlife was people looking craned his neck, looking into the brush or canopy. then stopped at a respectful distance, and look where they were looking. Quite often, the guide birders or invite us to look with binoculars or a telescope, which describes the behavior of birds or animals we saw. Nearly 150 nests of scarlet macaws and food throughout the reserve and usually can be seen at dusk flying west to Rio Tarcoles coastal mangroves where they roost at night.

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